Impossible Campus

cinego, 2023
Cinego, a Hungarian streaming service, found a clever way to position itself as the platform for cinephiles by supporting a film art faculty who lost their campus. By placing the teachers' lectures under movies as an audio track, the brand gave refuge to them on the Impossible Campus, and saved their knowledge for the next generation of young film-makers.


Watching content on streaming platforms is among the most passive activities of our times.

By uplifting the cause of Freeszfe and attaching it to its existing film roster, Cinego managed to turn this pastime into a form of activism, a way for Hungarian people to show and give support to film art.


  • Sustainable income for the exiled faculty: 30% of all streaming goes to FreeSZFE.
  • New subscriptions increased 200%.
  • Based on the success of the first 3 lectures a new round is in production.

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