How are you?

telekom, 2022
During Xmas 2022, Telekom went beyond the conventional boundaries of advertising by utilizing its media power for a greater good: inspiring people to show concern for one another, and ask a simple but meaningful question: "How are you?"


In a season, when brands usually air light, sentimental ads to drive sales, Deutsche Telekom decided to shine a spotlight on a heavy topic: mental health. We teamed up with an acclaimed young arthouse director to tell the story of an often-overlooked character. With an unconventional casting choice, our film featured an actor you wouldn't typically find in commercials, forging a genuine connection with the audience.


In one month the film became the most watched, liked and discussed commercial in Telekom’s history.

  • 1,1 Million views on YouTube.
  • 600+ positive comments under the video.
  • It became part of the culture by inspiring dozens of memes.

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